Oliver Lewis

I first heard about Allen Carr’s Easyway in 2001. A friend recommended it, and I attended a smoking clinic later that year. I’d been trying to quit for years, and had tried patches, gum etc. The clinic session lasted 5 hours – I walked in a smoker, and walked out a non-smoker. I went straight to the pub afterwards, but didn’t need or want a cigarette. That was 17 years ago and I’ve never touched a cigarette since. It works by removing the actual need/desire to smoke, so you don’t need any willpower (which is good, because I don’t have any).A couple of years later I attended an alcohol clinic, and found it just as easy to quit the booze. Again, I walked in a drinker and walked out a teetotaller. That was 12 years ago, and I’ve never touched a drop since. There’s no cravings so you can still go to pubs and be around drinkers etc. To be honest, I actually found it easier than stopping smoking, which is ridiculous when you consider the damage it can cause (my dad died of liver cirrhosis).I’m writing this review now, as I recently brought their ‘Good Sugar, Bad Sugar’ book. It’s basically the same deal as the nicotine and alcohol clinics – i.e. it’s easy to quit, no willpower required etc. I’ve been off refined sugar now for 4 months, and am feeling a lot healthier as a result.I’d recommend Easyway to anybody who wants to quit smoking, drinking and/or sugar. It’s quick, it’s easy – basically, you can’t go wrong.