Michelle Prendergast

Many apologies for not posting earlier.I have sincerely forgotten that I was ever a smoker, the moment I left your course. I have now surpassed my 6 month anniversary of smoke freeness!! Woo hooooooo!!!It has gone so quickly!! I tell everyone who wants (or doesn’t want) to listen, that stopping smoking was the single most easiest thing that I have done in my whole life. I am even embarrassed that I did not do it sooner because it was so easy. I have had no withdrawals. None!! I can’t understand why every smoker isn’t just doing it this way!!!I thank you from the bottom of my now healthier heart, for the freedom you gave to me. I still don’t know HOW it actually worked and I can’t describe it to other people, but it worked… 100%. It’s the ONLY way to stop.May your day be wonderful and many thanks again. And no offense… I hope to never need your services again.Cheers….Michelle Prendergast