Lisa Westlake

I am very proud of myself thanks to you. I had a hens night on the 3rd of October and woke up in a crap mood and didn’t want to go to the hens night convinced that I was going to have a shit time, there was no way I was going to have fun Without my smokes. Well i had a great time had a few beers, a jelly shot of something, a blue drink in the limo and a shot of tequila, told the hen and her friend the were pathetic for smoking, sang some awful karaoke, had a Japanese meal and to my surprise didn’t have a very bad hangover. Then had my best friend mums 60th on Sat night 80% of this crowd smoked and I had the monster in my head at least 20 times thru the night just one it will be okay, one won’t hurt, sneak around the back blah blah. but I got thru it. Then on Sunday we had our traditional Bathurst day at a friends all the guys sit in the carport and smoke and drink and watch the cars go round and round and round and round enough to make you want to start smoking. (Now that’s boring). And the girls sit in the garden and do girl stuff with our beer and smokes. There is 6 of us girls all smoke except me now and 9 guys 8 heavy smokers 1 gave up 10 yrs ago. I now feel i have been put in every situation that i felt i couldn’t do it without my smokes boy was i wrong. I have more time on my hands, I’m not yelling at my kids as much, that awful feeling in the mornings of being lethargic and the morning headache is going. Sounds crazy but last night I smelt my husband’s fingers because I used to like the smell of nicotine on my fingers And I almost dry reached. (Don’t tell anyone that) I feel I have dealt with the monster in my belly still working on the one in my head but he’s getting weaker. Thanks Diane I don’t want to be nagging at all my smoking friends and family but i did drop subtle hints.