Kathryn Jolley

I attended the Stop Alcohol session in Melbourne on Sunday and it is now Friday and I am humbled and elated that I have no desire to drink, especially as Friday night use to be about after work drinks with straight whiskey. I can feel my body healing and my mind clearing after many years of heavy drinking.It was one of the most courageous and inspiring sessions I have ever attended.Mike, the facilitator, shared his personal experiences with alcohol addiction and I admire his ability to be so forthcoming and honest to a group of strangers.Mike has lifted the illusion for me by sharing his in-depth knowledge on this drug, its effects on our mind and body as well as the brain washing that we see every day in all areas of society.He delivered the session with honesty and compassion. His expertise and knowledge of the alcoholic drug was fantastic and I finally actually understand what the drug does and how alcohol tolerance happens. More importantly, I understand how easy it is for me to stop drinking especially hearing this from someone who has gone through it and done it.It was a small group and we were at different levels and experiences with alcohol and you could feel the vulnerability in the room. Mike quickly made the room feel at ease with his humour, humility and passion on helping people to stop drinking.Thank you Mike and thank you Allen Carr Easyway. 3 years ago I stopped smoking at an Easyway Clinic and now I have stopped drinking alcohol.I highly recommend this session to anyone who drinks alcohol. Happy to answer any questions about my experience at the session or with alcohol. Just send me a message