Jack B

You helped me stop smoking about 3 months ago in Adelaide, and I would like to thank you very much for what you have done for me, and what you do. It was the most positive thing that I have done for myself for a long time, perhaps in my life! I didn’t think I would be able to stop on my own, and I walked out of that place a non-smoker. Just like you said. That switch has been flicked, and the chain broken. And it was EMBARRASINGLY easy. When I got back to my car that day after the session I broke down and cried. I cried! Because I realized in that short amount of time, how foolish I had been over the many years, and how I had been lying to myself. I was crying at how instantly happy I had just become. People ask “oh, how long have you quit for?” The thing is, I don’t even know the exact time, like they’re expecting me to. I guess because most people keep track of this sort of thing. I’m not keeping track, of the minutes or days, none of that is important, because I stepped out of that door and just continued on with my life, however this time, as a non smoker. And another thing – I didn’t know I was going to the clinic until THAT MORNING! Some of my friends had chipped in to pay for the clinic, and surprised me with it that morning. So from someone who wouldn’t have necessarily stopped on his own, not even knowing what was going to happen that day, to walking out that door a non smoker, that was a life changing day. You change people’s lives – Thank you